Broadband Cables TELASS® CR
(Cell-PE – Dielectric)


For the pleasure of pure sound and vision


bedea Cell-PE (CR) CATV cables are used in cabled distribution TV networks for signal transmission between transmitting terminal and service lines. They meet the requirements of EN 50117-2-2 (Outdoor drop cables) and DIN 50117-2-3 (Distribution and trunk cables). They are typetested to the FTZ standard (6145 – 3300). These types are an interesting alternative to the bamboo types concerning their weight.


Longitudinally welded copper tubes as outer conductor provide bedea Cell-PE CATV cables with outstanding protection against signal interference and extremely good mechanical resistance to bending and compression stresses.


All these products are also produced with a messenger wire for overhead use. Over and above their application in wideband communication networks, they are suitable for private CATV systems (underground laying) with unlimited use in the GHz-range.


All types can be supplied in a FRNC (flame retardant non corrosive) version.



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