For low-loss signal transmission

bedea TELASS® BGAL C cables are designed for antenna systems, where the use of low attenuation cables is preferred. The cables are designed according to EN 50117-2-1 (Indoor drop cables) and EN 50117-2-2 (Outdoor drop cables). Their insulation is made of a low loss cellular PE, which means that the attenuation values can be cut by up to 25 % with the same cable diameter.

At the same time, larger diameter of the inner conductor reduces the risk of conductor breakage during installation and assembly.

bedea TELASS® BGAL C cables feature:

  • insulation made of high-grade cellular polyethylene gas injected with high resistance to ageing and stress cracking

  • centre conductor optionally serving as a pin in F-type telecommunication plugs

  • double sided AI foil with extreme elongation properties enclosed in a copper wire braid
  • PVC or PE jacket for easy laying
  • low reflection factor, i.e. high structural return loss

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