High Screening

bedea CATV cables TELASS® CDF offer high safety against interferences and low attenuation. Compared with cables of the same diameter and solid PE-insulation, they are clearly lighter. Highest screening efficiency can be achieved in combination with standard F- or IEC-connectors. We recommend the usage of compression types.

The cables of this product range meet the requirements of EN 50117-2-1 (indoor drop cables), and DIN 50 083, part 2 (Cabled distribution systems for television and sound signals).

bedea CATV cables TELASS® CDF combine highest screening efficiency – by a double layer of al-foils under a copper braid with high optical coverage – with low attenuation values by a cellular PE insulation.

bedea TELASS® CDF CATV cables feature:

  • centre conductor optionally serving as a pin in F-type telecommunication plugs

  • insulation made of gas injected cell polyethylene with high resistance to ageing and stress cracking
  • double AI laminated foils with extreme elongation properties enclosed in a copper screening braid
  • PVC, FRNC or PE jacket for easy laying
  • low reflection factor, i.e. high structural return loss

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