Commercial electronics

RG Cables

However manifold the tasks of communication engineering may be, there is always an equallydiversified product range of cables and lines made by bedea.

If there are high demands on the electrical, mechanical, or thermal performance of coaxial or twinaxial HF cables,
and if constant quality is in dispensable – you should make your choice within the bedea cable product range.

Basically standardized for military use and thus optimally designed regarding electrical tolerances, special surrounding conditions, and mechanical performance, RG-cables nowadays represent an internationally used standard in all areas of electronics, first of all in the measuring, broadcasting, and information technology.

Because of their standardisation, there are a lot of connectors available, which are equally standardized. During more than 70 years since the basic MIL-C-17 standard was edited, many additional designs were added to the standard due to occurring transmitting applications as well as new industrial demands.

The products described within this folder represent only a part of our manufacturing capability. If there are individual demands on special constructions or colours, we are waiting to design “your” cable.

Cable optimized for radio applications can be found here.

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