(CATV-Kabel 75 Ohm)

Light weight but heavy duty

Designed for underground laying, bedea TELASS® B are classic CATV cables with PE or cellular insulation and cigarette wrapped copper foil as an outer conductor. bedea TELASS® B-CATV cables have been successfully used for decades.

bedea TELASS® L-CATV cables meet perfectly the demands for cables with small diameters and lowest attenuation values. They are designed to the cavity principle where the PE insulation between inner and outer conductor is replaced by as large an air void as possible. Due to sophisticated construction details, the cables are longitudinally watertight and mechanically stable.

They meet the requirements of EN 50117-2-2 (Outdoor drop cables) and EN 50117-2-3 (Distribution and trunk cables).

Using high-grade polyethylene, which is resistant to ageing and stress-cracking, bedea TELASS® CATV cables are distinguished by virtually unlimited service life with unchanging attenuation values.

The cables are suitable for underground laying and for indoor laying. For tougher conditions and severe mechanical loads, armoured or FRNC versions are available as well as constructions with a supporting strand for overhead use.


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