Copper Quotation

Copper Quotation

The daily copper quotation is determined on the stock exchange.

The quotation is formed on the basis of the LME Copper exchange quotation plus customary market surcharges. This quotation is the calculation basis for cables with copper content at bda connectivity.

Due to large fluctuations in the copper price, the price of components with a high copper content usually consists of a basic price plus copper surcharge. This surcharge results from the difference between the daily price and the copper base (1.50 €/kg).

The Copper Surcharge

Unless otherwise agreed, the copper surcharge is calculated at the daily price (price of the day before the clarified order receipt). The daily price of the copper quotation is published every working day on our website

The product of the copper sales factor and the difference between the daily price/kg and the base price (1.50 €/kg) results in the copper surcharge; this is shown separately on the invoice.

Copper sales factor [kg/m] * (daily price – 1.50) [€/kg]) = Copper surcharge [€/m])


1000m cable with 0.1 kg/m copper content costs 2500€ plus copper surcharge, this price is based on a copper base of 1.50€/kg.

With a current copper quotation of 8.5378 €/kg, this results in a copper surcharge of 8.6240€/kg (=8.5378€+1%) or 712.40€/1000m and a total price of 3212.40€.


2500€ + (8.6240€/kg – 1,50€/kg) * 0,1 kg/m * 1000m = 3212.40€

(example as of 13.12.2021 with 853.78€/100kg)

Copper surcharge: 712.40€ Total price: 3212.40€

Copper Sales Factor

The copper sales factor is defined by the use of copper per meter of cable [in kg/m].

LME Copper Quotation

The London Metal Exchange (LME) Copper (Grade A) is an exchange-dependent price indication. In cable and wire production, it is an important indicator for calculating the current daily price. LME copper contracts are traded on the London Metal Exchange.