Approvals and Certifications

Approvals and certifications: We offer cables and wires that comply with VDE, UL, CE, EN 50117 and other national and international standards. bda connectivity GmbH has accompanied the rapid development of communication technology from the very beginning and plays a major role in the definition of standards in international standards committees.

approval CE

A service provided by bda connectivityis the option to self-print CE labels.

For more information on CE labeling, click here.

approval VDE
approval UL
certificate EMV

The EMC Class A logo shows at first glance the excellent quality of bda cables.

You may  find further information in our cable brochure.

approval DNV

bda connectivity offers seawater resistant cables (DNV/GL certified). For an up-to-date overview of our DNV/GL-approved products, please contact our sales team.

ECE R118 Signet

Cables approved in accordance with ECE R118 protect passengers in buses in the event of a fire by providing flame-resistant industrial-grade wiring. For more information, please contact our sales team.