(CATV-Kabel 75 Ohm)

Transmission quality at its best

Due to their double screen made of a copper band enclosed by a braid of bare copper wires, bedea TELASS® BG cables are flexible and perfectly fitting for installations in pipes and cable ducts as well as for mounting in complicated cable layouts in rooms.

Their compact design permits a trouble-free underground laying. Armoured versions are available for tougher laying conditions and severe mechanical loads.

You have the choice between types with a solid PE dielectric or low loss Cell-PE dielectric.

These types are manufactured to national standards. They have received type approval and are predominantly used as service cables in CATV systems.

What all bedea TELASS® BG cables have in common is both, their high structural return loss, and their perfect screening efficiency along with a very good ageing resistance. Matching auxiliary equipment, such as plugs and couplings is available from a large number of manufacturers.

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