Coaxial Video Cables

Coaxial video cables made by bda connectivity are characterized by tight characteristic impedances of 75 Ω +/-1% to withstand signal reflections that lead to considerable degradation of the picture quality when using a large number of video cables side by side.

Of course, applications in surveillance technology also benefit from these properties: the excellent image quality of the display enables crimes and perpetrators to be easily identified if necessary.

We also offer these cables with halogen-free and flame retardant equipment (FRNC).

The SDI interface design allows defined limits for line attenuation and cable return loss. Both values are additionally dependent on the cable length. This results in the following maximum lengths for our cables (rounded to the nearest meter):

Standard Name Short Name Bit Rate Video formats (examples) Video 0,6/2,8C Video 1,0/4,8C
Max. Länge / Max. Length (m)
SMPTE 292M HDTV HD-SDI 1,485 Gbit/s 720p, 1080i (HDTV) 68 107
SMPTE 344M Component Video Widescreen ED-SDI 540 Mbit/s 480p, 576p 174 280
SMPTE 259M Component Video SD-SDI 360 Mbit/s 576i (PAL) 214 347
270 Mbit/s 480i (NTSC) 249 405
ITU-RB7.61 Component PAL 177 Mbit/s 309 505
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