Fibre Optic Cables

For an increasing amount of data transmission applications conventional media such as twisted-pair or coaxial cables do not longer meet the requirements of bandwidth, extension, or safety against electromagnetic disturbances. Fibre optic cables have stepped in taking the role of copper based data transmission cabling systems. Often, several fiber optic cables are bundled.

The Fibres:

Optic fibres are classified by different criteria:

  • Fibre construction: There are step index and graded index fibres.
  • Wave extension: Multi-mode and single-mode fibres are distinguished.
  • Raw materials: Quartz glass or plastics (PMMA).

The Cores:

Before the optical fibres can be processed to practical cable constructions they need to be coated with a secondary protection layer. There are three different types of cores: loose buffer tubes, tight buffer (semi tight buffer) and multifibre loose buffer tubes. Multifibre buffer tubes are filled with water repellant gel.

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