Broadband Cables TELASS® / TELASS® LR
(Bamboo – Dielectric)

For the pleasure of pure sound and vision

bedea bamboo (R/LR) CATV cables are used in cabled distribution TV networks for signal transmission between transmitting terminal and service lines. They meet the requirements of EN 50117-2-2 (Outdoor drop cables) and DIN 50117-2-3 (Distribution and trunk cables). They are type-tested to the FTZ standard (6145–3300).

These heavy-duty types have been produced by bedea since 1980 and have improved their reliance during long periods. Constant monitoring of the production together with a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 ensures adherence to the required high standards. This applies especially to the linearity of characteristic impedance and structural return loss.

Longitudinally welded copper tubes as outer conductor provide bedea CATV cables with outstanding protection against signal interference and extremely good mechanical resistance to bending and compression stresses.

All these products are also produced with a messenger wire for overhead use or with lightning protection. Over and above their application in wideband communication networks, they are suitable for private CATV systems (underground laying) with unlimited use in the GHz-range.

All types can be supplied in a FRNC (flame retardant non corrosive) version.


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