being part of bda connectivity

Our corporate culture is characterised by open dialogue, common goals and supportive cooperation. Despite all challenges, we focus on our personal strengths and successes.

What we offer:

experience diversity

As diverse as the tasks in the company are, so different are the employees. Everyone is important and valuable for the company’s success – regardless of gender and gender identity, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or ideology, disability, or age.

As member of the Diversity Charter we believe that diversity is an essential part of our success in the business world.

charta der vielfalt

enable work-life balance

A healthy balance between work and life is important if we are to be satisfied in the long term. Even when the private situation changes, for example when the family grows. Where it is practicable and sensible, flexible working hours are possible.

set goals

Only together we can achieve our goals. Everyone makes an important contribution to this, whether as production employee, developer, sales employee or in quality control.

important values:

  • fairness, respect and helpfulness
  • performance-oriented and appreciative environment
  • independent, self-responsible way of working
  • open communication

give perspective

The only constant is change. We grow with new challenges and tasks – which is why we train our employees professionally.

We support and promote our employees through:

  • development opportunities in the company
  • continuous job-related training
  • internal training
  • part-time training and education

give direction

Only those who know where they are can change direction. Every employee receives regular feedback for his or her individual possibilities and successes, whereas expectations,development goals and measures are determined together.

regular and structured feedback meetings:

  • assessing of one’s own work performance
  • recognizing strengths and weaknesses
  • agreeing on personal goals and development opportunities
  • feedback on the company

offer interesting activities

Our employees work on high-quality solutions in the field of cable production, antenna technology and CoMeT measurement technology and are committed to long-term customer relationships, nationally and internationally. Every employee is continuously committed to our goals. This is one of the pillars of our company and ensures long-term success.

guarantee fair payment

With a fair remuneration we show our employees appreciation for their performance in the workplace.

we offer:

  • performance-related remuneration
  • subsidy for company pension scheme

creating a healthy working environment

Work should be healthy. That’s why we take measures to ensure everyone stays in good health. For example:

  • Occupational medicine exams and employee consulting
  • Open consultation hours and multiple check-ups by our company doctor
  • Workplace health promotion, e.g. back training

offer an attractive location

City and countryside – Asslar unites the best of both worlds in the Dill Valley, bordering Wetzlar and the Westerwald and in the suburbian area of the Rhine-Main region.
You can get to your workplace quickly by car, bike or public transport.

  • near the Autobahn
  • parking sites directly onsite
  • bus connection
  • bike and bicycle parking
keep togheter

Would you like to become part of our team? We are looking forward to having you here!
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