Optical LF Transmitting Technology

Optical LF Transmitting Technology: An optical input/output has become a standard in home entertainment as well as in professional multimedia.

Compared to the traditional way of transmitting audio signals using copper cables, optical fibres have significant advantages.


  • insensitive to electromagnetic distortions

  • security against tapping

  • large transmitting lengths without intermediate amplifying

  • low weight

the following fibres are used for each types:

  • Monomode E9/125 μ
  • Multimode G50/125 μ
  • Multimode G62.5/125 μ
  • POF S980/1000

bda connectivity offers within its program a variety of cables suitable for transmitting LF-signals:

  • indoor cables
  • outdoor cables
  • polymer fibre cables

Most of our fibre-optical cables can be supplied assembled, too.

We are glad to help you planning your own solution.

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