EMC Measuring Technology with CoMeT

bda is your competent partner for the production of telecommunication cables. Our specialists participate in national and international standardization
committees and are thus directly connected to latest standards in the area of EMC measuring technology.

As a result of this activity, the “triaxial method” was developed in 1995 for reproducible and rational measurement of the screening effectiveness of coaxial and symmetrical cables. The resulting measuring system “CoMeT” has
been continuously further developed since then and now also enables the measurement of connectors, bushings, distribution components, etc. We distribute these systems exclusively.

It is now the standard measurement method for determining transfer impedance, screening attenuation over a broad frequency range according to the standards IEC 62153-4-3 IEC 62153-4-4, IEC 62153-4-7, IEC 62153-4-9, IEC62153-4-10 and IEC 62153-4-15.

CoMeT – Measuring
CoMeT – Measuring
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