bedea SAT Special Cables

For the ease of laying

Modern SAT receiving devices not only demand a more complex installation management than terrestrial antenna or wide-band-systems, but also require better technical performance from the cables.

The coaxial cables not only have to transmit RF-signals up to 3 GHz, but also control signals for switching polarizer level or frequency range.

bedea SAT special cables meet these requirements, both technically and economically.

Signals are transmitted with lowest losses due to attenuation by our bedea TELASS® 100/110.

Two or even four coaxial cables can easily be laid in one process with our bedea TWIN-SAT or bedea QUADRO-SAT.

The ”QUADRO-SAT” has a special position of the links between the four coax elements. This enables a folding from a flat to a round cable profile. Compared to the problematic installation of four single coax cables together in one conduit you will have a better performance while pulling in.


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