The cable world can be confusing…Which cable is needed in what application area? Communication cables in particular have a wide variety of uses; from video coaxial cables to high-frequency cables to nano sensor cables. The cable world is heterogeneous and specialized for the respective application area.

Inspired by the increasing digitalization as well as by the feedback of our customers, bda connectivity has processed the cable search in a quickly accessible and descriptive way. A new portal has been created for the world of communication cables:

Here, general areas of application for the various cable types are shown and briefly described. The visitor of the website gets intuitively, almost playfully, into the respective application areas. There he or she can click on the cable types commonly used in this area to get brief information about the special features of the individual cables. This information includes a link to the respective product page of the company, where further information about the respective cable can be found. If necessary, the user can reach out to the product database to obtain specifications for the cable in question.

If you have any further questions, our sales specialists will be happy to help.