January 2022

Analysis, optimization and verification of an HV connector – Publication in the journal Wire & Cable Technology International

The article by Berndhard Mund and Dr. Thomas Gneiting in the context of the IWCS was published in the trade magazine Wire & Cable Technology International.

You can view the current issue of the magazine here.

Summary information:

An existing design of a high-voltage connector was improved with a focus on reliability and manufacturability.

In a first step, the EMC behavior of the existing and the new design was evaluated and compared by 3D electromagnetic (EM) simulations. The required characteristics such as coupling resistance and shielding effectiveness were already simulated according to the relevant standards of the triaxial measurement method.

With the help of the visualization of the electric fields, weak points of the shielding concept could be identified and optimized together with the design team, taking into account the requirements for cost-effective manufacturing, in order to meet the required electrical properties.

After creating a prototype, the shielding behavior of the connector was measured in the laboratory and the result confirmed the expected simulated behavior.

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  • Dipl.-Ing. Bernhard Mund, bda connectivity GmbH
  • Dr. Thomas Gneiting, Admos GmbH