Following the customers on their way to more digitalization bda connectivity decides to participate at the platform Twoosk in order to facilitate the way to the customers.

bda connectivity, based in Asslar, Germany, manufactures special cables and EMC measurement systems as well as antenna line products. For more than 60 years the company has been active in the world of communication and connectivity, manufacturing special cables which are optimized for several applications for our customers in the electrical and electronics industry, for telecommunications network operators, electrical wholesalers, the automotive supply industry as well as medical technology and science.

As the world has been changing towards much more digitalization companies have been very occupied following this development. Having focused on customers’ needs and their easy way to find cable products bda connectivity decided to participate at the worldwide platform Twoosk.
“This cooperation enables us to offer our products to a much broader public”, says Eike Barczynski, founder and manager of the company. “It is in line with our latest projects – from the intuitive cable overview “” to the relaunch of the website to the online product database – and concludes the customer journey to the actual purchase point.”

As the cable world is very complex and divers our sales team as well as our development team is very happy to support customers to find the cable perfectly fitting to their needs. bda connectivity offers cables for professional usage and guarantee excellent quality from manufacturing to testing to logistics and support. The partnership with Twoosk will enable us to be first-line connected to our customers.