bda connectivity bda connectivity provides product information online as an overview.

bda connectivity now offers a new service for all interested parties – all product pages of the website are directly linked to the product database. With the completion of this project, the company meets the demand for more reliability, service orientation and transparency towards the customer.

The database contains all immediately available or short term deliverable articles. Interested parties can easily and intuitively search and compare cables or download the data sheets as pdf.

All data is centrally monitored and kept up-to-date in the underlying product information management system. This guarantees an automated, high-quality presentation of all product information and is the basis for the demand-oriented output of data. In addition, users and customers enjoy the high-quality presentation of product information in intranet, print, web and electronic catalogs such as BMECat. In this way, bda connectivity is flexibly positioned for the future in terms of product data management.

Of course, the sales team of bda connectivity is always available for further questions such as delivery time or price inquiries or for requests for special cables.

You can find the product database directly:

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