April 2023

EMC fair in Stuttgart 2023: coupling attenuation and burst testing on symmetrical cables

The term SPE describes the new single pair Ethernet technology based on transmission standards according to IEEE 802.3.

A high electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is required for SPE cables, connectors and transmission systems according to IEEE 802.3. EMC can be verified by measuring the coupling attenuation according to IEC 62153-4-7/-4-9 or alternatively with the burst test according to IEC 61000-4-4.

There is a direct relationship between the two test methods. The coupling attenuation evaluates the results in dB and the burst test in KV. Here the question arises whether the burst values can be given directly for measured coupling attenuations.

On the example of the SPE 100 Base-T1 application, the correlation between the coupling attenuation and the burst test is investigated.

We would like to show you the presentation of bda connectivity held at the EMV in Cologne about the coupling attenuation and burst testing on symmetrical cables

Download Presentation EMC (German)


  • Bernhard Mund, bda connectivity GmbH
  • Ralf Tillmanns, Weidmueller Interface GmbH & Co. KG